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Welcome to a site dedicated to bringing together  people  that   believe   in   using   the    sacred    names

This site is for singles to come together and make a connection with eachother in YaHWeH!

Please, share this site with allof your friends and anyone that you know that is a believer and are interested in meeting other Torah Observant singles.

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If you have any suggestions for this site, please feel free to contact Steven Butcher. Thank you

What is Torah Observant?

The Hebrew word "shomer" means "keeper of" or to be "observant"; the Hebrew word "mitzvot" is the plural form of the word "mitzvah" meaning "command"; thus, "shomer mitzvot" means "keeper of the commands", or more properly "Torah observant". What this means is that a "Torah observant" person keeps the commands of the books of Mosheh (Moses), as well as what is in the Brit Chadashah (New Testament). The "Torah observant" individual uses the Names of the Father and The Son (YHWH, Yahushua, or a form of them), keeps the sabbath, eats kosher food (fit, or proper), and so on.

Some helpful tips...

When filling out your profile, make sure to describe yourself, your likes and dislikes and tell about yourself. Add a photo, so that people can see what you look like. Talk about what it is that you are looking for in the person you want to meet. Do not reveal anything personal about yourself, such as address, phone number and so on, until your are confident that the other person is sincere. If you sense that a person on this site is not Torah Observant, please contact the site owner (Steven Butcher) and the situation will be researched and dealt with.

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